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Motedis Special Concepts

Here you can find the definition of some special words we use in our shop.

  • What does Ex Works mean?
  • You can find this concept with every product under the delivery time information. Motedis -Ex_Works Ex Works means that the goods will leave our facilities after the stated delivery time. The delivery time of GLS/DPD must be added to top.
    Ex Works refers to delivery times only.
  • What does RYA mean?
  • You can find this concept on some products.
    Motedis -RYA
    Our logistics chain is long and has reserves.
    We offer surplus reserves under RYA.
    At a lower price and with a target date.
    This target date is not flexible in the case of an order because the goods are somewhere in the process chain by the deadline. Motedis -RYA_2
  • What does SLY mean?
  • You may see this concept on some products.
    Motedis -FAQ_SLY
    We do not consider our products to require any explanation. Our software analyses our experience with you as a customer.
    As a regular customer with normal communication efforts, you will get better prices and additional offers. Automatically, without the intervention of an employee. The system "likes you".
    System likes you = SLY
  • What does WLY mean?
  • WLY = We like you
    It means a staff member has permanently classified you as a welcome regular customer. You then have access to SLY (system likes you) offers.
    Motedis -FAQ_SLY
    Even if the system does not like you......

  • What does Platform mean?
  • You may see this concept on some products.
    Motedis -FAQ_PlaFo
    For the time being, we only do platform orders with real friends.
    Here we buy together. You can buy directly from the factory without having the usually necessary quantities and processes. As a passenger in a regular order from us. For a fee for processing, not for a selling price.


Here you can find the most common questions and answers related to our products.

  • What types of machining can be applied to the profiles?
  • Machining is only available in some profiles and only for the “Cutting” option tab:
    Motedis -Machining_1 It can be applied to both sides of the profile: Motedis -Machining_2
    In the case of squared profiles, normally there are three machining available:
    • M* Metric thread.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X30_M8
    • D** : **mm diameter hole.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X30_D11
    • D**V:** mm diameter vertically hole.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X30_D11V
    • You can combine D** in one side and D**V in the other side to get this result:
    • Motedis -30x30_B_Type_slot_8_D11_D11V
    In the case of the non-squared profiles, the options are:
    • 2xM*: Metric thread.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X60_2xM8
    • D**: **mm diameter hole.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X60_D11
    • 2xD**V:** mm diameter vertically hole.

    • Motedis -Machining_30X60_2xD11V
    D** holes are only used for the Quick Connectors.
    Metric thread can be used to attach some accessories to the core of the profile using a Metric Screw
    The Metric thread holes have de following deep depending on the diameter: Motedis -Metric_machining_deep_1


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