Precision shaft 30 mm h6 - steel - hardened and ground

Length: mm
(140-1980 mm)

Select bar length: 1980 mm


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(140-1976 mm)
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(140-1976 mm)
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500 mm
1000 mm
1980 mm
Mechanical Maker Pack
Thought for maker with chop saw for self-cutting.

To Select:
5 x 1980 mm

The hardened and ground surface makes this steel shaft a particularly durable and safe product. The item is not only easy to install, but also offers every user a very high load capacity. In addition, users can enjoy a low coefficient of friction, which is directed against plastic plain bearings. This means that the plain bearings do not wear out as quickly and can be used longer and more economically.

Overview of product data for precision shaft steel 30mm:

  • Diameter 30 mm

  • Weight = 5.549 kg/m

  • Roughness Ra = 0.3 m, Rz = 1.6 m

  • Depth of cure: min. 0.9 mm

  • Surface: hardened and ground

  • Hardness: HRc 60 +/-2

  • Roundness 6 m

  • Parallelism: 9 m / 1000 mm

  • Tolerance: h6

  • Delivery: Shaft will be axed to length (tolerance: +/- 1 mm)

  • Material: steel

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