Trapezoidal leadscrew nut - flange EBFM 10x4P2 right gunmetal

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Technical data: 


Thread: TR10x4P2 right 

Durchmessser: 25mm (D1) 

Flange diameter: 42mm (D4) 

Bolt circle diameter: 34mm (D5) 

Length: 25mm (L1) 

Flange thickness: 10mm (L2) 

Centering fit: h9 

Zentrierpasssung length: 6mm (L3) 

Area fraction: 250mm² 

Weight: 0,016kg 

Material: CuSn8P 

Manufactured according to ISO and DIN 103 2901/2903 tolerance 7H. 



- For manual and motorized actuators. 

- For small and medium speeds. 

- For working under load.

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