precision shafts

In linear technology, precision shafts are used in conjunction with linear ball bearings to build resilient and inexpensive linear guides.
Due to their high hardness and a high-quality surface, these linear shafts ensure a precise movement of machine elements. The precision shafts cover a wide range of applications, both standard and special: they are used in machine tools, embossing machines, automatic positioning systems as well as in food technology.
In the Motedis online shop you can buy precision shafts made of steel and aluminum in different diameters in the version solid shaft or shaft with threaded holes.

Precision shafts

Motedis offers steel shafts with inductively hardened and ground surface in the quality Cf53 and in tolerance h6. By hardening the surface (hardness HRc 60 +/- 2) the fatigue strength of our precision steel shafts is guaranteed. The material quality ensures very high dimensional accuracy and dimensional accuracy (roundness 4 μm, parallelism 5 μm / 1000 mm). With a roughness of 0.3 μm, they have a low coefficient of friction against the plastic plain bearings. Our steel shafts are very stable and cost-effective and can be used in many applications.

Aluminum Precision Shafts

The aluminum shafts from Motedis are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum EN AW 6061/6060 and therefore ideal for outdoor use. The surface of the aluminum shafts is hard-anodized and has a hardness of 450-550 HV. They are manufactured in tolerance h8 and are characterized by a low weight. The roughness of our aluminum shafts of 0.3 μm ensures low wear of the plain bearings used.
The aluminum shafts can be used for a variety of applications, from simple aluminum enclosures to robots.